What to do if you have a Work Injury

The following article provides insightful information regarding what to do if you have a work injury.

The following steps show what to do if you have a work injury.

Quickly assess the situation

If your injury is simple such as a cut, use the nearest first aid box and give yourself some first aid. If it’s more serious, then take the appropriate measures.

Report your injury if it’s serious

Ensure that you report your injury to your employer as soon as you can. Your insurance provider is likely to refuse to pay your claim if you do not report within the first few hours of your injury.

Let the healthcare provider know that you sustained your injury at work

Letting the doctor know that the injury is work-related will ensure that the doctor records your accident details accurately. Accurate information will help you when it’s time to claim for compensation.

Write a notice to your employer

Record the details of your injury such as the date, type of injury, etc. and present the note to your employer. Keep all receipts of any money you spend along with the total days off work, to make it easy for your provider to reimburse you.

If you don’t have insurance consult a union

Ensure that you contact a union to help you claim compensation. There are numerous groups that specialise in assisting workers that are not covered by insurance.

Contact an attorney

If you have a policy in place consult an attorney to help you get through the complicated paperwork. Only pay your lawyer once he does satisfactory work: no win no fee.

The steps on what to do if you have a work injury above will help you get the compensation that you deserve.