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What’s the Difference Between Sky’s TV Packages?

What’s the difference between Sky TV’s packages? There are many, from cost to channels and more besides.


Sky Entertainment costs £20 per month, Sky Entertainment+HD £25 per month, Sky Entertainment £25 per month, Sky Entertainment+Cinema costs £30 per month while Sky Entertainment + Sport costs £40 per month.


Sky Entertainment has 370 channels, Sky Entertainment+HD has 415 channels, Sky Entertainment+Kids has 381 channels and Sky Entertainment+Cinema has 381 channels.

Storage features

Sky Q has a new feature that allows you to record and store your favorite shows. The option allows you to watch one show while recording three.

Sky Q also has a multiscreen option that allows you to transfer your favorite shows to your devices such as laptop or tablet, and watch them when you’re out of the house.

Box Sets

Basic Sky Entertainment packages come without Box Sets, but you have the option to upgrade by adding about £5 to get Box Sets. Sky TV has a selection of more than 350 Box Sets.


Although there was a possibility that Discovery would remove its channels on Sky TV in early 2017, that will no longer happen. Sky TV and discovery reached an agreement that discovery would continue airing its programs on the popular provider.

The details of the new proposal presented by Sky TV to Discovery remain secret, but the good news is that you can continue watching your favorite discovery shows.

What’s the difference between Sky’s TV packages? Ultimately, you can spruce up traditional Sky packages by adding things like box sets and Sky Q for full entertainment.