The Dos and Don’ts of Leather Sofas

Are you thinking of buying a leather sofas? Then you should be aware of some of the dos and don’ts of leather sofas.


  • Wipe off spills immediately to avoid staining
  • Always read reviews on the Internet before making a purchase
  • Choose the colour depending on your household. Darker colors are best for homes with little children and pets.



  • Don’t leave spills for too long
  • Both high-end and low-end leather can look similar hence you must have a keen eye when purchasing it.
  • Don’t make large purchases before doing your research.



  • Lasts longer than other materials
  • Don’t need high maintenance
  • Easy to obscure scratches with polishCons
  • Pricier than other materials
  • Cold during the winter and hot during summer
  • Limited colors and designs.


Leather seat maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, leather seats are easy to maintain.

  • Dry dust or use a vacuum cleaner with a brush now and then
  • Use a leather conditioner every 6 to 12 months
  • Use distilled water, a soft piece of cloth and mild liquid soap to wet clean.Leather sofa best buys


    Leather seats on Argos can cost anywhere from £190 to £900 depending on the type of leather, color, and design.

    The English Sofa Company

    The high-end sofas on The English Sofa Company can cost you between £750 to £ 1900

    The leather sofas dos and don’ts/pros and cons information above will help you make an informed decision when you buy.