The Differences Between Night Owls and Morning People May Surprise You

Did you know that night owls and morning people have very distinct differences? Read on to see the differences between night owls and morning people.

The following are differences between night owls and morning people.

1. Morning people (larks) are not more productive than night owls

The saying, “Early to bed, early to rise makes someone healthy, and wealthy, and wise” does not hold any water according to a study by epidemiologists from Southampton University, England.

The epidemiologists studied a group of larks and owls and found that owls were wealthier than morning people.

2. Morning people are more agreeable, cooperative and persistent

A joint study by Christoph Randler from the University of Education in Germany and a colleague found that larks are more cooperative, agreeable and persistent.

3. Night owls are more prolific when it comes to love than larks

Randler led a study that evaluated the sexual behavior of a group of larks and owls.

The study found that although the owls are more attentive to their lovers, they also more likely to cheat than larks.

4. Larks are less prone to drinking and smoking

Being that owls are awake at night when it’s conducive to nightlife activities like smoking and drinking, they are more likely to succumb to the bad habits.

It doesn’t end there. Owls are more likely to develop a dependency on the vices, and it might be hard for them to stop.

The above differences between night owls and morning people will help you understand yourself or a loved one better.