Don’t get pets for Christmas

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone? Have you thought about a pet? If you have please think again. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t get someone a pet for Christmas.

For starters, the Christmas holidays tend to be a pretty stressful, busy and chaotic period in most families. By getting a pet for Christmas you would be putting it into a very stressful environment which wouldn’t be fair nor healthy on the poor animal.

Another reason why giving a pet away as a Christmas gift is not a good idea is because taking care of a living being should be well planned and maybe the person you would be giving the pet away to wouldn’t be really ready to take care of it.

That is definitely the case with children. Many parents want their kids to grow up with animals and that is a lovely idea, but you should remember many children would take a pet as a stuffed toy, an object to play with for a bit and then forget about it.

However, if you are convinced you want to get a pet for Christmas, whether it’s for your loved one, for your children or for a friend, remember it’s important not to buy one but instead go to one of the many shelters you will find. Not only you won’t spend ridiculous amounts of money, you will be saving an animal from a lonely life.