Three Advantages of Using Apple TV

iPhone or iPad control: since Apple TV comes with a smaller remote with buttons fitting close together, many users find it difficult to put in texts for searches on the menu, especially on Netflix. If you are a victim of this problem, you need not worry. The introduction of Apple’s Remote app for Smartphone provides a fitting solution to the problem. It is now possible to control your Apple TV via your iPhone handset or iPad, provided there is a Wi-Fi network.

Improve ESPN and HBO subscription: for users already subscribed to HBO or ESPN, Apple’s inclusion of such features opens a new level of access to various seasons of HBO shows, as well as movies and special offers. These are often available on demand, and once you are subscribed to the features, you can easily enjoy any new offers and developments.

Besides, you are able to stream ESPN to your Apple TV with such features in place. In addition, it is possible to have a digital DVD library and forget about using discs again. The Apple TV has great features in place that allow you to rip your video and audio files and store them conveniently in your library. Other features such as airplay mirroring enables you to watch what is on a bigger screen using a smaller smart phone or iPad screen.

Easy jailbreak to include more apps: this is possible with Apple TVs with jailbreak features. In that case, you are able to run various apps or streaming services from other sources. The jailbreak feature is easy to process if you have an Apple compatible TV such as Mac. Besides, you can easily stream video and audio files to your TV even if you do not jailbreak it. The files are easily transcoded and you do not have to take much time waiting before you can watch.

With the new developments in Apple TV, it is hitting the market with renewed popularity. These are just some of the first benefits of the product. However, once you own it, you can explore more to discover what Apple TV has in store for its users.