Little Known Places You Need To See In The UK

The UK has a rich and compelling history. From Buckingham Palace to the Scottish Highlands, people travel from all over the world to take in the incredible sights. Some places aren’t as well known but need to be seen.

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

Country Antrim in Northern Ireland is home to the 350-metre long bridge. It was built around 350 years ago by fisherman and stands 30 metres above the waves. Crossing it is an exhilarating experience.

Creswell Crags

Head to Nottinghamshire to see the fascinating caves and the oldest art gallery in Britain. Drawings from cave dwellers provide a fascinating insight into the Paleolithic age.

Dorset Beaches

Forget Mediterranian beaches, the sandy shores of Dorset offer sunshine, crystal blue water, and stunning scenery.

Glencoe Mountain Range

Situated in Scotland, the picturesque village offers tours of beautiful mountains and lakes. With an impressive history, it’s the perfect trip.

Blists Hill Victorian Town

This open-air museum gives people an authentic taste of Victorian England. With authentic Victorian shops and amusements, the museum provides an interactive experience well worth seeing.

As you can see, the UK is full of unusual and fascinating sights to see.These little known places are absolutely worth your time checking out.