Why you need to keep your trees trimmed

Trees are beautiful, especially in a garden, where they provide shade and can embellish the landscape. Trees, however, are perennial plants, living organism, and like any living organism they have to be treated with care. You need to trim your trees for many different reasons. Trimming a tree serves many purposes and can be undertaken for a variety of reasons.

Health reasons

As living organisms, trees have cells that perform various functions and also die. Dead, damaged or diseased branches resulting in the process have to be cut to prevent insects or other decay organisms from damaging the rest of the tree. For health reasons crossing branches can also be cut to prevent damage occurring as they rub against each other. Similarly, a dense canopy of trees has to be trimmed to increase air and sunlight. For health reasons, trimming a tree promotes long-term health of the tree.

Safety reasons

A tree can be trimmed for safety reasons. Some trees may just grow too big to entertain a space in the front yard of a house. You might also want to prune a tree to prevent different safety hazards, for instance from low growing branches or if a tree becomes an obstacle on driveways.

Trimming a tree is essential for health and safety reasons, but sometimes a tree can be trimmed simply for aesthetic reasons. Regardless of your reasons, you need to keep your trees trimmed.