Holidays in the Canaries: Spain’s Amazing Islands!

Apart from loving the Spanish culture – which includes the annual bullfighting – Spain has plenty more to offer.

The Gran Canaria, the second most populous island in Spain, offers you the price for your accommodation depending on your tastes – spend as little as £100 a day or more than £500 to give you the luxuries you wanted.

Spain has islands catering to your every need.

For the Adventurous You – Do everything from surfing to snorkeling or just going diving and sailing your boat. You have different types of accommodation available from around £100 a day.

For the Romantic You – Want to spend some alone time with your partner? Don’t worry – there is plenty to explore. With all amenities – right from a Jacuzzi to suite rooms and even private beaches, you can expect to have some great quality time with your loved one. You could spend anything from £100 to £1000 a night here.

For the Historical You – Want to explore Spains’ past? Don’t worry – there is a lot. Visit the Castillo de la Luz in Gran Canaria, for one. It’s time to start tickling the inquisitive you. The budget depends entirely on you – if you stay in hostels and go backpacking, you could end up spending as little as £50 a night!

Spain is great whether you want to go solo or with your family. It’s time to start exploring the Canaries and do more. Have you thought about your next Spain vacation yet?