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Underfloor heating system guides and advice

During the cold winter months, there can be nothing worse than setting your feet that have warmed up under the blanket, on the icy cold floor. However, Underfloor Heating can not only be a complete treat to your feet, but also an energy and cost-effective alternative that can keep your home warm and cozy.

There are two types of underfloor heating:

Wet or the Hot Water System
As the name suggests hot water moves through plastic pipes that are placed on the sub-floor on which the final surface is placed. This heating system also reduces the water heating costs as the water is not as highly heated like in the standard radiators.

Wire or the Electric Mat System

There are cables fixed to mesh mats and form a continuous spread. They are placed on the floor and connected to the power supply where they get their heat from the thermostat. The advantage that you have with the electric mat system over the wet system is that it causes less damage to the existing floor structure and can easily be installed. However, its operating costs are relatively higher.

Tips to remember

A heating system will cost at least 1000 pounds, with many costing more than 3000 pounds.

This new kind of underfloor heating is recommended for ground floor rooms, but you can use it for other rooms on different floors as well.

If you are getting new floors constructed, then you could give the wet system a try.

Floor heights don’t have to be changed with the electric mat system, so consider this option if you are considering underfloor heating for an already existing room.

If you’re considering your options, this underfloor heating system guide hopefully had the advice you needed.