Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant

Prepare to dive into your food at “Europe’s very first “underwater restaurant”, scheduled to be built off of the southern coast of Norway. Snøhetta, the company behind the ambitious project, is dubbing their creation “Under”, and plan to house their guests under 16 feet of Scandinavian ocean waves with metre-thick concrete walls keeping them safe. The view is sure to be spectacular with a 36 foot-wide wall made of transparent reinforced acrylic which will afford the diners a peek at what’s on the menu before it’s caught!

Under has plans for more than great seafood however – along with the restaurant which will seat 80 to 100 people, the building will double as a centre for marine research. The plan is to “optimize conditions on the seabed” for local marine wildlife, and the building itself will be ridged to act as an artificial reef for mussels. They say will help to purify the waters around the restaurant and allow guests to see the waters more clearly, and the restaurant is sure to find a few other uses for their little helpers as well! With no set release date, Under is a work in progress, but will soon join the ranks of underwater restaurants around the world.