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Five movies you should make time to watch

Looking for movies you won’t regret spending time on? Here are five gems well worth the watch.

Get Out

Chris, a young black man, is invited by his white girlfriend to spend the weekend upstate with her family. Things don’t feel quite right, and the slow burn unravels to reveal their sinister intentions for him.

La La Land

 When an underemployed jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress, the couple struggle to balance their romance with their personal ambition. This touching musical comedy-drama can charm even the most hardened cynic.


 Ron Burgundy is a high-flying anchorman in a 1970’s male-dominated newsroom. When his job suddenly becomes under threat from an ambitious female reporter, Ron wages war. Hilarity — ranging from satirical to slapstick to crude — ensues.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Amidst a bleak post-nuclear wasteland, lone-wolf Max teams up with a head-strong heroine escaping tyranny in search of (literally) greener pastures. Calling this a pulse-pounding thrill ride would be an understatement.

The Truman Show

In this dystopian satire, Jim Carrey plays a naive salesman blissfully unaware his entire life is a television show broadcast round-the-clock to millions — until, one day he wakes up determined to discover the truth.

Make time this weekend for these five movies.