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Amazon introduces six new Alexa-enabled devices

We are living in a technological world where there are new innovations constantly happening. The good thing about technology is that it reaches more areas of your lives as it makes things simpler and efficient. Amazon introduces six new Alexa-enabled devices to put digital assistant on the front row of Google, Apple and Android who are the major competitors. They have succeeded in reaching the market first with the unveiling of six new Alexa-enabled devices.

• Standard Amazon Echo

This device has been remodeled and now comes with a range of styles and colors with a shorter tower. This is just an improvement of the original version with a more compact design, better speakers and new additional features like hands-free calling and directly messaging on Android devices and iOS.

• Echo Connect

This is a speakerphone that is voice-controlled and ties to your Echo. This device is suitable for making phonecalls. This device is set be out in 2018. With Amazon expanding its partnership with BMW an Alexa will be integrated in every BMW by 2018.

• Fire TV

This device has an Alexa voice-controlled remote and comes with 4K compatibility. You can literally control your living room.

• Echo Buttons

These are a set of basic press buttons that act as game consoles as they facilitate Alexa interactions and connect other Echo devices. This device is actually a hint of what the future holds with regard to products like toys. They will be able to come to life when you connect to Alexa. That will surely pave way for exciting and immersive brand interactions.

• Echo Plus

In order to completely integrate with the setup of a smart home, this device had to be remodeled from the ground up. It is essentially a premium version of the standard Echo. This smart home integration hub will run routines like controlling the temperature, turning on the lights, start a news briefing, opening shades and operate other connected devices at the command of your voice. If that does not constitute owning a home, I do not know what does. Echo Plus has the best and biggest set of speakers that the brand has to offer.

• Echo Spot

This is a 2.5 inch screen that shows video feeds and also acts as an alarm clock.

As Amazon introduces six new Alexa-enabled devices, it is always prudent to know their exact features before purchasing anything.