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Five phones you could buy instead of the iPhone X

Find out which Android phones are currently the best alternatives to the new iPhone X:

Samsung Galaxy S8

This gorgeous phone has an infinity display just like Apple’s newest phone and the best thing about it is it’s water resistant. It shares another great feature with the iPhone X which is Face ID and it costs just £689.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The screen on this smartphone is simply amazing: a 6.3-inch infinity display which will allow users to enjoy media on this phone like never before. It also takes incredible pictures and it has a starting price of £869.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

If apart from a beautiful and powerful phone you also want to make sure you take the best pictures possible, the 19MP rear camera on this Sony model which has a starting price of £649.99 will definitely impress you.

Nokia 8

This phone might not be as powerful as the iPhone X, but it has a very tempting starting price of £499, it has 4GB of RAM and so far it’s the only phone which allows you to take pictures with both the rear and front cameras at the same time.

Google Pixel XL

Another good alternative with an extremely starting price of just £499 is the Google Pixel XL which still has one of the best cameras on a smartphone.