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Listening to audiobooks is just as good as reading

Many book lovers face a common problem in their course of busy life- they don’t get enough time to read books! Do you have the same problem? What do you do if you wanted to read that novel but you just cannot find time for it? Then rest assured, listening to audiobooks is just as good as reading.

The Rise of Audiobooks

Reading a book and listening to it through your ears is almost the same thing. People are realizing this and also the convenience of audiobooks. The Audio Publishers Association reported that 24% Americans listened to an audiobook last year. Sales also shot up by 18.2% compared to 2015 amounting to $2.1 billion. Unit sales increased 33.9% making $89.5 million. You can imagine where the future is headed for readers!

What makes Audiobooks so Popular?

There are many reasons which make audiobooks the preferred choice for even the avid book lovers.  The top reason is the convenience of not having to carry your book around. You can also listen to a mystery novel while gardening or to a romantic short story attending to your laundry.  Plus the experience of being read is quite enjoyable too.

Best Audiobooks Apps for Smartphones

Audible- for a subscription of $14.95 you get access to 150,000 titles

Nook Audiobooks- free on Android with 50,000 titles

Audiobooks Now- free access to over 80,000 bestsellers

Downpour- download or rent audiobooks

Scribd- for a subscription of $8.99 you get 30,000 titles and over half-a-million ebooks.

As you can see, listening to audiobooks is just as good as reading, and you have many options to pursue your hobby.