The best countries to visit on a budget

Make your vacation better – travel on the budget you need. Here is a look at the top places you could go to.


Thailand certainly is the first choice for all the Budget travellers as it offers to them a Peaceful stay in this scenic island, and a rich and tempting range of cuisine, in an amazingly cheap cost. One can look for unending options of noodles and curries on the streets of Thailand.

On an average one can get a single bedroom in Thailand in as an amount as less as $4. Additionally, the cost of transportation is really less and the government-owned bus service can take you to most of the destinations at the most reasonable prices.

Thailand is also an ideal country to hitchhike if you are a solo packer, you just have to make sure that you are able to convey to the locals as to where do you want to go.


India, famous for its rich culture and heritage is yet another option that the budget travelers should explore. To begin with, food is tasty as well as pocket-friendly in most of the parts of the country. In terms of accommodation, travellers can get a decent room for staying in less than $10 per night.

In terms of travelling, most of the popular tourist destinations in the country are well –connected by the IndiRailwaysays, in which a general class ticket can be bought at the cheapest possible prices.

For travelling within these destinations, cheap and affordable local transport is also available. India is also witnessing a massive increase in the number of home-stays and shared dormitories, especially in the Northern hill stations, which has further decreased the burden from the pockets of budget travelers.


A country popular for the famous Angkor Vat Temple, has a lot to offer than explored. Famous for its scenic and raw natural beauty, Cambodian people are very hospitable and value the tourists who visit their lovely island. An ideal daily expenditure for a single person in Cambodia, which includes food, Lodging and transportation, comes to around $50.

For solo travelers, there are many options wherein they can save extra pennies by taking shared accommodation than to go for separate rooms. The highest amount that one has to spend in Cambodia, is the amount that is taken as entry fee at the temples.