Wednesday, April 24, 2019

5 Amazing things to do in Cuba

Cuba is a country which has plenty of natural beauty to offer (like the exotic beaches that can be found all across the country) as well as many excellent sights (such as the University of Havana). However, the top 5 amazing things do in Cuba are the following ones:

5. Enjoy live music: if you are a big live music fan you are in luck because Cuba is filled with many pubs and bars where you can enjoy live acts. One of the most popular venues is La Zorra y El Cuervo but the list is endless.

4. Try the traditional cuisine: many small business lately are deciding to give tourist the chance to try some of the most delicious, traditional Cuban cuisine right on the street thanks to food trucks.

3. Visit the Old Plaza: not only will you find many characteristic cafes there, you can also visit art galleries and even a beer museum.

2. Take a walk around El Morro: this impressive fortress from the 16th Century, which is right by the sea, is the best place to enjoy the most beautiful Cuban sunsets.

1. Enjoy the sea in Varadero: going to Cuba without enjoying the paradisiac beaches would be a huge mistakes, and you can find about 3,000 miles of coastline in Varadero.

You can find cheap flights from the UK to Cuba for as little as £350, so get traveling and discover paradise!

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