Thursday, June 20, 2019

Make Love Brilliant with Handcrafted Diamond Stud Earrings

Nothing says “love” quite like a diamond. For a man to get their partner diamond jewelry, it just shows how much he loves her and diamond is the perfect expression. It is safe to say that girls love diamonds and especially showing it out to their friends as flaunt their man. A man can make love brilliant with handcrafted diamond stud earrings that are sure to match any outfit and bring that added sparkle.Different Brands

• Harry Winston – Harry Winston ranks top of the jewelry brands and they justify the standings by using the rarest stones and finest quality. Durability is guaranteed by using master craftsmanship to put each piece together. It has a unique elaborate design for each treasure.

• Blue Nile – The earrings are handcrafted and each pair perfectly matched to ensure the finest quality is provided.

• Ernest Jones – Here, the finishing touch to an outfit is ensured with earrings ranging from sophisticated hoops to drop earrings. If you are looking for a more timeless and classic style, you should go for the simple studs. There are a variety of options to choose from.

Different metals for different occasions

In order to match the style of the occasion, there are different metals with diamond clarity, colour and cut for you to choose from. They include white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, all silver, platinum and stainless steel all up for selection.

Diamond size and shape

If you think the shape and size of the diamond does not matter then you are severely mistaken. Popular diamond shapes include round diamonds, princess cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, oval diamonds and heart-shaped diamonds. When it comes to the size, the most popular are 1/2 ct., 3/4 ct., 1 ct. It is important to note that, like a snowflake, each diamond is unique.

By following the guide above, you will be able to make love brilliant with handcrafted diamond stud earrings.