Self Storage Options

Owning something doesn’t mean you can protect it at all times. Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep your stuff 100% safe, but there are new ways to keep your stuff safe and sound for future uses. With these methods, you can go about your day, secure in the knowledge that your precious items will be safe and secure.

If you wish to keep your possessions close to hand, there are many options for personal storage in your home. What works best will depend on what you need to keep safe. If you have important papers that must be kept safe, such as insurance forms or financial statements, a sturdy filling cabinet can fulfill your needs. They also keep everything in alphabetical or numerical order. One way to include additional storage options without taking up space is to combine two different kinds of furniture. Many tv stands, for instance, have storage space, and a wardrobe is not just for clothes.

However, if you’re still not satisfied with these, there are other things you could try. If you must have absolutely peace of mind, or if what you want to store is too bulky for normal storage, there are many storage companies across the UK that will be happy to take care of your stuff, for a nominal fee. These units are aimed at protecting things like furniture, sports equipment or simply a lot of boxes. They come with 24 security, insurance if anything should go wrong, and are absolutely affordable, depending on what kind of service you need.

One thing to bear in mind is that costs will vary, depending on different factors, from how much space you need, how long you’ll be storing for, and even where you’re storing it. Generally speaking, the more space you need, the more it costs, but the longer you rent it for, the less it costs. For example, Henfield Storage charges £12 a week for 25 sq feet for a short-term rent, and £18 for 50 sq feet a week, but . Regionally, there will be differences in prices. In Wandsworth, the Big Yellow Self Storage Company charges £233 a month for 100 sq feet, in Brighton the same space will cost £172, and in Oxford it’s only £192. You may need to move around a bit to find the best deal. Keep an eye out for discounts (Safestore has a 10% discount for pre-paying for a year or 5% for six months), and for additional charges. Some places will charge for boxes, using equipment or even checking on your stuff. Be upfront with the company about what you need and can afford. You may find that individual branches have their own special offers, too, especially ones that recently opened.

When you’re trying to find new ways to keep your stuff safe and sound for the future, it pays to do your research.