Thursday, June 20, 2019

How to Care for Your Car Tyres to keep it in Good Condition

Do you know driving a car with non-roadworthy tyres is illegal and dangerous? Therefore, take care of your car tyres to keep it in good condition.

The following are 10 ways to care for car tyres.

Alignment – Every time you cover 310 miles, you need to check on car alignment of the wheel and possible tread wear. To keep your car tyres in good condition ensure that wheel alignment is checked regularly in a tyre outlet. Also, wheel rotation should be checked at the same time. Wheel alignment is one of 10 ways to care for car tyres, and it is very essential.

Tyre pressure – Get your car tyre pressure checked after every two weeks from a dependable source. You can use a tyre pressure monitor to check air pressure at home.

Stone removal from tread – Tyres are different, and some have treads patterns that small stones stick. Let it be a habit that you remove those stones occasionally.

Balance – Ensuring that you have a good balance will prevent untimely tyre wear and avoid vibration. Balancing also assists in protecting deferral steering system. Therefore, any time you have your tyre replaced, ensure you have the wheel balanced. When your car has no balance you are going to experience:

• Front-end parts to wear impulsively

• Vibration

• More stress on front-end parts

• Uneven and rapid tread wear

Sidewall inspection – Regularly, tyre sidewalls gets cracks, cuts or bubbles as a result of aging or coming into contact with pointed or sharp objects. Therefore, it is wise if you keep check of tyre sidewalls often and in case you get a tyre with damaged sidewall dispose it off.

Strict yourself to stock size – This is due to the challenge of getting an ultimate tyre pressure.

Get nitrogen gas – Regular air leak quite often s compared to nitrogen. Advantage of using nitrogen gas is that you get accurate air pressure since centers that have nitrogen use dependable machines.

Tyre dresser- Ensure that you use a tyre dresser as it helps in getting a polished black tyre sidewall. Before you use any tyre foam, clean the tyre with a moderate degreaser and a brush.

Tyre replacement – Tyres need to be replaced at an interval since they wear.

Spare tyre – Check your spare tyre whenever you have balancing and wheel alignment. It will help in ensuring you have correct tyre pressure, sidewall bulges and punctures.

Ensure the above 10 ways to care for car tyres are at your finger tips to make sure that your car is in good condition always.