Liposuction. How to choose the best treatment?

Liposuction. How to choose the best treatment?

Liposuction is a medical term used for the removal of fat from any part of the body via cosmetic surgery or by advanced technology that evades surgery. It is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures in the world with certain countries and cities becoming the medical hub for it.

Fat deposits under the skin are removed through ‘cannula’ which is a ‘blunt-tipped tube’ inserted via an incision on the respective area from where the fat is to be suctioned out.

How do you choose the right Liposuction treatment?

Among the many types of procedures followed in liposuction, deciding on the right one for the self is a bit tricky. However, it is your cosmetic consultant and your financial strength that will make the choice for you. It is very important to choose the right specialist because after all performing surgery is a skill which almost always favors the most qualified. You will need to ensure that you have the right surgeon to help you.

Though traditional liposuction is still practised in cases where a large amount of fat is required to be eliminated- laser assisted lipo, power assisted lipo, vaser liposuction, microcannular tumescent liposuction (microlipo), are some of the more advanced procedures that are less invasive and quick. Recovery is faster as well.

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