Light recipes for summer

Tuna black bean and corn salad

Summer is very hot especially in some places of the planet. It is not the best season to eat a lot but if you find the right recipes, maybe you can enjoy your food and you can prepare it in a few minutes. Try these delicious light recipes for summer.

  • The first recipe is a pasta salad. Cook pasta as usual and when it is ready and dried, add extra virgin olive oil, olives, large beans, carrots and a couple of mayonnaise spoons: simply great!
  • Another suggestion is to prepare a tuna salad with corn, baked beans, a pinch of red hot chilli and tzatziki Greek sauce. It is a light recipe and absolutely perfect if you want to save time and eat healthy.
  • Have you ever tried rice salad? It is very easy to prepare. Boil rice and when it is ready, dry it and add giardiniera, a famous Italian starter. Put everything inside the bowl with rice and add mayonnaise or tzatziki sauce to be lighter.
  • Here there is another recipe from Italy. You just need spaghetti and tomato. Cut some tomato in cubes, add extra-virgin olive oil and salt and add to pasta without cooking tomatoes. If you like it, you can also add basil and garlic. Tasty!

[Photo: genovaseafood.com]