Top 5 cheap holidays for the end of summer 2017

Top 5 cheap holidays for the end of summer 2017

Going on holidays on summer is a must, but definitely not a cheap one. Luckily, here you can find the most affordable places to visit at the end of summer.

1. Barcelona: visiting the Spanish city towards the end of summer not only will be pretty inexpensive, it will also be lots of fun. You will still find plenty of people and sunshine as well as, of course, all the sights the city has.

2. Ibiza: another Spanish city you can travel to during the last weeks of summer is Ibiza. The island comes alive in May, but even if you visit it during September you will still manage to enjoy the many amazing beaches and clubs it has to offer.

3. Rome: visiting Rome is something you must do at least once in your life and the end of summer is the ideal period because the prices will be affordable and you won’t have to queue up for hours to visit the most important sights.

4. Lisbon: one of the most colourful cities in Europe is Lisbon which is another great place you can visit during the end of summer and still be able to go to the beach and visit the most important cultural sights.

5. Malta: last, but not least, a fun place to visit in summer is Malta where you can enjoy some crazy parties as well as beautiful beaches.