3 vegetarian pasta recipe to try out

3 vegetarian pasta recipe

Italy is known to give the world, some of the most mouth watering foods like pizza and pasta.

Pasta = Pleasure

Pasta has been the most favored item and so many restaurants all over the world are savoring pasta to people and making a world favorite dish since it’s inception. Over the years we might have had pasta numerous times in various restaurants. Ever wondered giving pasta a different makeover and to try types of pasta with a different flavor all by yourself.

So keep the excitement going and try out these simple types of pasta at your home and the best part is that all these pastas are vegetarians and so vegetarian lovers would love these types of pasta.

The Masala Pasta recipe which comes with a healthy touch to our regular macaroni or spaghetti with our native spices and sliced carrots, peas and other ingredients which make a blend of a perfect pasta recipe.

Try the Roasted cauliflower and hazelnut carbonara which comes with a unique taste with double cream and eggs giving in the texture for the pasta while the hazelnut flavor lingers around luring us to have pasta very soon.

Leave aside the healthy and non-healthy debate and get your hands on the Ultimate Macaroni cheese Pasta and relish on its taste for the rest of your day.

Also try adding on any veggie of your choice preferably cooked to an extent like broccoli, capsicum, walnuts, lentil and many such items and try out your very recipe and share with us how you felt!

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