Everything you need to know about the symptoms of lupus

Symptoms of lupus

A lot is being said about lupus lately, the chronic autoimmune disease. What lupus does is destroy a person’s immune system meaning both healthy tissues and foreign invaders are attacked and destroyed.

Although many people believe it to be fatal, in the actual truth about 80% of those who suffer from this disease manage to live a fairly normal life as long as they follow the appropriate treatment.

Up until this day, no one knows exactly what causes lupus but it is believed it is a mixture of hormones, genetics, and environment. Also, luckily, this disease can not be transmitted in any way mean it is not infectious.

Although every single case of lupus is different from each other, there are some common symptoms most people who suffer from lupus have felt before including extreme fatigue and high fevers which come and go without a previous warning.

Other very common symptoms include feeling pain, stiffness and swelling in your joints but many people have also noticed superficial symptoms such as facial rashes and skin lesions which can get much worse when exposed to the sun for longer periods of time.

Shortness of breath, chest pain, dry eyes, memory loss, confusion and extremely strong headaches are other common symptoms those who suffer from lupus feel.

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