Best Car Insurance Companies This Year

Looking for the best car insurance companies of 2017? There are a number of them for you to try out. For instance, you have Farmers Insurance, a company started in 1959 receiving appraise for quickly replacing a stolen car battery of a customer.

Today, Farmers cover the auto insurance of around 10 million American households providing them with both accidental as well as repairing benefits.

The Hartford, another insurance provider, has been providing insurance for more than 200 years now. They were one of the first in USA to extend auto insurance. The best part about Hartford is that they are offering special packages for assisting senior citizens who still drive so they can remain as independent and carefree as they want to.

Liberty Mutual is one of United States’ oldest insurance providers still active at present. And it has grown as the third largest publicly held American insurance company now. Liberty offers a brand of complete insurance packages comprising of auto insurance and proprietors insurance.

Founded in 1912 as the Massachusetts Employees’ Insurance Association or MEIA, the company changed its name to its present title in 1917 and joined the United Mutual Fire Insurance Company for providing comprehensive auto insurance to American population.

Nationwide started in the insurance business in 1925 when the sources of its funding in early days were nine farm bureaus. It still receives agrarian support even today and has evolved from being a local to a national company since its beginning.

Nationwide is at present the 8th largest auto insurer operating in the United States of America and has been scripting auto coverage everywhere in the states except Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana and Massachusetts. The company has been using its famous “Nationwide is on your side” since 1966 now.

No matter what car insurance company you choose, remember to check whether its policies fit your need.

[Photo: icebike.org]