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Norton Antivirus: How Should You Choose the Right One?

Norton AntiVirus Version

If one has a lot of time and inclination to search and look out for an antivirus security, then there are many options available in the market. But for most of those who live on multiple operating systems, and multiple devices, cross-platform suits, then the Norton antivirus is a way better option and the best solution.

Norton antivirus boasts of an award-winning parental control. This helps the parents to keep a check on what the child is browsing. The browsing history is kept track of, and there are options to block certain websites too. With this parental control, there is always a check kept on the child.

The product also gives 25GB of online backup. This helps in backing up important data and information that a user thinks is of high importance. You can protect any Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS device with it.

Once bought can be used to provide security across the users choice. This provides excellent malicious URL blocking capability, which detects and blocks automatically all the malicious websites and also has anti-phishing test scores. There is a smart firewall that can be applied to the internet using this software.

It also helps in spam filtering. There is password management that is provided which proves of utmost help to anyone using the product.

Norton antivirus has a very high performance and has the capability of optimising the resources that are available to it.