Best international destinations for your summer vacation 2017

The countdown to your summer vacation 2017 has already started which means it’s time to choose a good location. The world is full of beautiful places and here you will find the best international destinations for your coming holidays.

1. Barcelona

This Spanish city is one of the trendiest yet most down-to-earth places in Europe and you will find endless interesting sights to visit such as the Sagrada Familia. Also, the weather during the summer tends to be perfect which makes it ideal to spend hours on the Barceloneta beach.

2. Naples

Everyone knows that Italy is a beautiful country, but most people don’t know yet just what an amazing city Naples is. Your summer vacation 2017 could be your best ever if you decided to visit this city in the south of the country where amazing landscapes, incredible food and interesting history mix.

3. Mykonos

Greece is mostly known for its ancient history and art, but there are also incredibly beautiful and fun summer locations such as this gorgeous island where you can make the most of your summer holidays.

4. Ibiza

Whether you want to spend your holidays relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe or you want to go to the best clubs in the world, Ibiza is the ideal place to spend your summer vacation 2017.