Amazing Winter Destinations

The winter blues can be a pain, but it is possible to say goodbye to the dark days and freezing temperatures with a bright and lovely winter wonderland holiday. A winter vacation does not necessarily mean everything is about snow, skiing, ice skating, snowboarding or snow tubing. There are numerous winter destinations where you can relax and unwind after the holiday madness without all the snow and the chilly temperatures. These destinations deliver huge savings and allow you to get over your post-holiday blues. So, are you planning or looking for your perfect winter trip? Start by considering the following locations.

Costa Rica

In the months of December and January, when winter is at its peak, Costa Rica ushers in the dry season. The temperatures are not the only reasons why the rich coast is a perfect winter destination; it has breathtaking beaches, dense rainforests, warm water and a laid-back culture. To heat and nature-seekers, the charm lies in the abundance of wildlife, amazing hiking trails and thick jungles waiting to be explored. It’s hard not to be amazed by all the splendors Costa Rica has to offer. Though it is compact, it still remains a tropical paradise providing the perfect escape during winter.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The winter season can be a pain, but it is the perfect time to visit Dubai since the temperatures are moderate, an ideal time to enjoy the spectacular beaches. Though you are likely to experience some light showers, the perfect temperatures and low prices make it a worthwhile trade-off. While escaping the winter, get to test your fear of heights by visiting Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Also, you can take a desert safari or explore the humanmade Palm Islands.


While winter is a perfect time to visit the savanna, every year, it becomes more affordable concerning airfare and safari expenses. The region is usually dry with warm temperatures. Kenya is one of the best winter destinations with an abundance of wildlife. Coastal towns such as Mombasa and Malindi have a magical mix of cultures. Swim in the Indian Ocean, discover caves and ancient forts and salute the sun beneath a beautiful country.

Madeira, Portugal

While this is a popular year-round destination, it’s especially favorable during winter since it is usually more affordable and less crowded. Madeira is well known for its European-style villages, fabulous cottages and lush landscapes. Though luxuries such as sunbathing are not guaranteed, you can explore the island’s lagoons, forests, castles and a pristine countryside.


This country has one of the most astonishing coasts in the world. There are significant dune-backed stretches of sand lapped by the beautiful Indian Ocean. For those curious enough to tread where others have not, Mozambique is one of the many perfect winter destinations.