Seek Out the Sun with All Inclusive Tenerife Holidays

The sunny Spanish holiday destination of Tenerife is located off the west coast of northern Africa, and the largest of the Canary Islands offers a mix of enchanting culture and seaside experiences, which can be enjoyed on all inclusive Tenerife holidays.

With a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly population, Tenerife is a wonderful spot for a holiday, whether with family, friends or as part of a couple.

Once on Tenerife, there are plenty of things for all the family to see and do, from clubbing to seeking out local history and architecture, and enjoying the natural flora and fauna. The lively capital of Santa Cruz fills with revellers every year around February or March for the annual carnival and is the centre of island culture.

Tenerife is dominated by Mt Teide, nearly 4,000 metres tall and not only one of the island’s most visited attractions, but one of the most visited in all of Spain. It is the highest point on the island, and in Spain too. Renting a car and driving there is a popular activity. Mt Teide, which last erupted in 1909 from a vent, is located in a national park which was named a UNESCO world heritage site in 2007. Walkers and hikers can also explore the national park on foot.

The lovely weather is one of the enduring attractions of Tenerife, and it has become known as one of the best year-round holiday spots. Of course the weather will be affected to some degree by the time of year you travel, and how close you are to Mt Teide, where the weather is more variable. The south, where most of the resorts are, is known as being the warmest part of the island with the least cloud. This makes Tenerife a great draw for those who want a break from the European winter. The south, in particular, is famed for its year-round sunny weather.

Some holiday packages include everything from sports facilities to meals and drinks, so you need never leave the resort. The island also offers facilities such as golf, boat trips and water parks for those who feel more active. If interested in nightlife, it might be worth checking what bars and clubs are near by.

There are many choices of holiday available, so it’s possible to select exactly what you want, whether this may be a villa for a family, or something more romantic at one of the destination’s many resorts. Once you’ve chosen the accommodation and flights, all you need to do is pack your bag and get to the airport.

By booking all inclusive Tenerife holidays, you can relax, knowing all the essentials are taken care of, there will be no unpleasant surprises, and all you need to do arrive and appreciate having a fantastic break.

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