Ideas for Small Gardens Help You to Come-up with the Best Garden for Your Home

In most cases, gardens are small this is as a result of having small compounds. However, that should never worry you as you can make it the best there is in your neighborhood. Mostly, gardens are in front of the house as at the back has a small space and works as a store in most cases. What this means is that the garden should be well maintained. This highlight will discuss ideas for small gardens.

Small gardens are easy to maintain and at the same time can be hard. First is to know what will be the theme of the garden. The theme helps you avoid putting up a mixture of plants, if poorly organized you will be forced to redo it again. Elegance and beauty should be the goal while setting up a garden. It’s obvious that every time you redo your garden, you are either spending more cash on it or your time, worse still both.

Having a small garden is not a license that you won’t have a garden of your choice as ideas for small gardens will help have the garden of your dream. Make a garden that is beautiful and at the same times, it’s cheap to maintain. For instance, you can opt to use crushed gravel or bricks which are beautiful and good for small gardens. While using gravel and bricks, first make sure to spread an underneath landscape fabric to avoid weeds popping through. In the case of a sloppy garden, the gravel also allows the rainfall to percolate through the soil.

Do you love beautiful birds and butterflies? Planting of flowers that attracts them is the key. Butterflies and birds are attracted by beautiful flowers. Flowers like butterfly bush which also attracts the hummingbird; others are phlox, pansy, and many others. However, in case you use butterfly bush, much trimming is needed and therefore it’s wise to plant at the edge of the garden. Avoid using bee balm or any other flower that highly attracts bees; bees are beautiful, but they are also dangerous especially when it comes to children and pets.

What is the landscape of your garden? Ideas for small gardens will help create another outdoor space that can be used for relaxing. While planting flowers, plant them at the edge of the garden all round, try using bush flowers. Let them grow up to 4 – 5 feet tall and make sure they are well maintained. In the garden plant grass and water it well. In the middle try and plant umbrella trees like a lavender tree, wild peach or pompon tree. Avoid trees whose roots are aggressive or they bulge. Additionally, you can choose to put up a garden umbrella instead of trees.

[Photo: tiyomo.hol.es]