Choosing The Best Antivirus Software

In case you are wondering whether to install an antivirus software on your mobile device, personal computer or your workstation, you should. Technology and the internet have numerous benefits, but they have also become sources of all sorts of network and privacy intrusions, malicious and harmful programs that can not only cripple your device but also completely break it down. The internet world is quite unsafe and even the most sophisticated devices are still vulnerable to internet threats. To ensure that you protect your sensitive data including financial information, make sure that you install an antivirus software on your mobile device, personal computer or desktop. Remember, antivirus protection has humongous benefits; as are the consequences of not installing one.

There are various antivirus programs to pick from, so, how can you choose the best? The choice of an antivirus program depends on your requirements and the antivirus’ quality requirements. Fortunately, choosing might not be that difficult since there are antivirus test organizations that are dedicated to testing all available antivirus software and ranking them based on certain factors. Therefore, when choosing an antivirus program, don’t fly blind, here are the factors you should consider.

Free vs. paid antivirus programs.

First things first. Are you willing to pay for an antivirus software? If not you can go for free antivirus programs, but if you are ready to spend some money, choose the paid solution. Free antivirus programs can be useful, but they do not have additional features as compared to paid antivirus software. Paid solutions have bonus functionalities like anti-theft tracking and anti-spam features. Always go for an antivirus that can be able to resist and counter aggressive environments, has regular updates, high level of detection and ability to protect your device from both known and new Trojans or viruses.

Effectiveness and usability.

Having a complicated antivirus that you cannot understand its functionality is similar to not having one. Choose an antivirus that you can follow to avoid simply clicking ‘YES’ or ’NO’ without knowing what you are accepting or denying. In addition to being user-friendly, a good antivirus should not conflict with the operating system of your device. If you install an antivirus and you device starts to ‘hang’ uninstall the program and choose one that is more compatible with your system. Choose an option that is convenient and offers extra security without affecting the device’s performance.


You device likely contains sensitive data and information and should, therefore, be under constant surveillance and comprehensively protected. The antivirus software should be able to provide comprehensive protection. A comprehensive intrusion prevention includes malware protection, data protection, real-time protection, individual scanning of files and network protection. However, bulky antivirus programs may slow down your device, make sure you have your system in mind when checking the performance of an antimalware program.

Many benefits come with the installation of an antivirus software. Trojans and viruses can be quite annoying or even worse dangerous. A good antivirus program will help you sleep easy knowing that your machine is safe, and all possible threats are kept at bay. Therefore, make sure you choose the best.
[Photo: flickr.com]