How to set and keep personal goals in check

personal goal

Just like any other goal, setting personal goals should follow the SMART criteria. In full, this means setting goals that are specific(S), manageable and measurable (M), achievable (A), realistic (R) as well as time conscious (T).

Every individual holds distinct features while drafting their personal goals. This is due to the factors that are put into consideration, with the majority having either or all of the following areas:

Finances and career
This stage involves determining what you want to achieve financially and how long the process should take. The stage also considers career achievement, given that the level of a career mostly goes with the financial income that one gets.

Education and attitude
What knowledge do you want to acquire and at what level of your life? This is the question that shapes the process at this stage. Further, the consideration of attitude comes in here, where one tries to determine what sort of personal attitude is holding them back, what they need to change and how they will reform the attitude to ease achievement of the personal goals.

Family and the public
Whether one wants to be a parent is a consideration that comes at this stage. Further, the relationship with the community is considered. How you want the society to see you, your spouse and children, and at what level of your life you should start a family, are the key points at this level.

Health and pleasure
Health is a vital aspect. Without a healthy body, one cannot efficiently achieve their personal goals. How you will stay fit say the type of meals, as well as physical exercise, comes in at this point. Pleasure is also a crucial part of one’s life. Enjoying yourself should not be ignored, given that work without breaks results in burnout, a feature that can easily affect your progress.

While setting personal goals, the process first focuses on a long-term basis. From there, breaking the personal goals into smaller units follows, giving a layout of how you will achieve the long-term goals over time.