How To Tie a Tie

How To Tie a Tie

Everything is not always as it seems. Very many people wear ties every day. However, you will be surprised to find that very few of them actually know how to tie a tie. Tying a tie is one of those simple things in life that might seem to be either extremely easy or impossible at first. But after hardly any time, with practice, one becomes used to it. The amazing thing about tying a tie is the fact that there about thirty different ways to tie a tie. With so many different approaches to choose from, even if you don’t know how to tie a tie, you can easily get away with nearly any style of a knot that you choose to go with.

However, there are popular tie knots, and it is advisable to know them to make sure that you choose the best knot for the job. Note that not all knots are equal, in fact, they vary in size, shape, symmetry, and difficulty. Therefore, every knot has its distinct character, and it serves its master differently. Here are some of the standard methods that will help you learn how to tie a tie.

The Four-in-hand method

This is the most popular way and probably the easiest to master since it is asymmetrical. This means it doesn’t have to be perfect. The four-in-hand method is also referred to as the simple knot method and is ideal for occasions or events that are not too dressy.

The Windsor method

This method is named after the Duke of Windsor. There are some derivatives of the Windsor method such as the half-Windsor and the full Windsor. The half Windsor has a wider knot compared to the four-in-hand method, and it is symmetrical. Since the knot is slightly wider, it works well with wider ties. The full Windsor method is enormous compared to the half Windsor. It is made exactly like the half-Windsor method, but it has a larger size and requires a tie that is thicker and a foot longer than regular ties. Regardless of which derivative of the Windsor method you choose, they are ideally suited for formal events.

Remember that different knots make different statements. Choose wisely.

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