20th anniversary special: Top 10 songs by the Spice Girls

Were you lucky enough to live the 90s? In that case, you must remember how huge the Spice Girls were. To celebrate the 20th anniversary since ‘Wannabe’ came out in 1996, here you can find their top 10 songs:

10. Holler / Let Love Lead The Way

This double A-side was released as the first (and only) single from their third album ‘Forever’ in October 2000 and it managed to hit #1 in the UK selling around 260,000 copies.

9. Stop

‘Stop’ was the only single not to reach the #1 in the UK during their peak. However, it still managed to chart at #2 and sell over 400,000 copies.

8. Mama / Who Do You Think You Are

This was the 4th UK #1 by the Spice Girls. It was a double A-side released for Comic Relief and it managed to sell around 660,000 copies despite being the fourth single from their first album.

7. Too Much

The girls’ second Christmas #1 in the UK comes in at #7 on this top 10 songs list thanks to the fact it sold an impressive 670,000 copies in total.

6. Viva Forever

A fan favourite, ‘Viva Forever’ was the first single the Spice Girls released after Geri’s departure. Proving they weren’t over yet, they managed to sell around 700,000 copies of it.

5. Spice Up Your Life

This became an absolute anthem in the late summer of 1997 and the girls’ 4th #1 which sold an amazing 850,000 copies in the UK only.

4. Goodbye

This is the first song the group wrote, recorded and released after Geri left and it became their third and final Christmas #1 single in the UK with sales that exceeded the 880,000 copies.

3. Say You’ll Be There

Many people consider this as the coolest Spice Girls song and, it fact, it has managed to sell almost 1,000,000 copies since it was released in October 1996.

2. 2 Become 1

This song about safe sex has to date sold over 1,100,000 copies in the UK alone, making it the #2 in this top 10 songs list by the Spice Girls.

1. Wannabe

Of course, no other song could be at #1. ‘Wannabe’, one of the biggest songs ever, was the girls’ first and biggest #1 in the UK with sales that surpass the 1,360,000 copies.

[Photo: youtube.com]