Top 3 Home Remedies for Thrush

Oral thrush is a quite common yeast infection, and it develops inside the mouth or on the tongue. Sometimes, it is referred to simply as thrush, though there are other forms of thrush as well. The signs and symptoms of thrush include difficulty in swallowing, soreness in the mouth, a cottony feeling, and loss of taste. It is possible to use simple home remedies for thrush and overcome the problem. Below are three natural remedies for thrush.


This compound is one of the best home remedies for thrush. Salt creates a hostile environment for the fungus. Moreover, it relieves symptoms fast. If you are suffering from oral thrust, mix approximately one teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water and gargle meticulously. Repeat this process frequently until the symptoms disappear.

Alternatively, sprinkle a small quantity of salt inside your mouth or on your tongue and rub it gently with a finger for a few seconds. Subsequently, rinse the mouth with warm water. Health experts recommend that you use this home remedy for treating thrush twice per day until you are satisfied with the results.


Live cultures of the lactobacilli species are available in probiotic yogurt, and they help treat thrush. At the same time, yogurt can enhance your digestion. If you want to treat thrush, use plain, unsweetened yogurt.

You should take two to three cups of the home remedy daily for some weeks. It is also best to rub some yogurt inside the mouth and on the tongue with a finger and then rinse your mouth with warm water after five to ten minutes. You should repeat this procedure once or twice a day until you are pleased with the outcome.

Coconut Oil

This home remedy for treating thrush helps eliminate the condition and relieve the symptoms. According to a study featured in the Journal of Medicinal Food, coconut oil is an active remedy against several species of Candida. One can benefit from the remedy by directly applying coconut oil on the tongue and in the inner mouth area for a few days.

While there are other home remedies for thrush, salt, yogurt, and coconut oil are in the top list. Studies have shown that the natural products have significant medicinal value.
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