The many reasons why Barcelona is one of the best places to visit in Europe

Very few things in the world are as exciting as traveling. Going on a trip somewhere you have never been before allows you to visit interesting new places, meet new people, try different dishes and, in some cases, learn about other cultures.

If you are thinking about going on a trip soon and you want to check out one of the best places to visit in Europe, make sure you make Barcelona your destination.

The popular Spanish city has been chosen by hundreds of millions of tourists for the last decade now because very few places in Europe have as much to offer as Barcelona.

Some of the most famous sights include some of Antoni Gaudi’s finest masterpieces such as the Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllò or the park he designed called Parc Güell which will be a highlight among those who love colour and great architecture.

But there are many other interesting sights including the Parc de Montjuïc with its extremely famous Magic Fountain and many cathedrals and churches such as Santa Maria del Mar which became very famous thanks to the hit book ‘Cathedral of the Sea’.

Another reason why Barcelona is one of the best places to visit in Europe is the fact it is always vibrant. You will always see locals and other tourists walking and exploring around which will give you the chance of talking to many people on a daily basis. After just a few hours in the city, you will be able to notice most people are extremely open and friendly and they will kindly help you out with anything you might need or any doubt you might need solving.

And if you like going out during your trips, Barcelona’s nightlife won’t disappoint you. Stop by Barceloneta, the most popular beach on the city, to find clubs such as Pacha and Opium which offer you the chance to have drinks and dance to the coolest music throughout the whole night until the sun is up again.