3 Common Pregnancy Complications

During pregnancy, mothers can experience many problems that required urgent medical attention. Most pregnancy complications are indicators there is something wrong with the baby’s health, the parent’s health or both. Mothers should receive healthcare before and during pregnancy to stay healthy.

Here are some of the pregnancy complications to note.


Bleeding can start during any phase of pregnancy, and it means different things. If an expecting mother is bleeding profusely, experiencing severe abdominal pain and feeling too exhausted, she could be suffering from an ectopic pregnancy, according to Peter Bernstein, a lecturer at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Ectopic pregnancy can be life threatening and occurs when the fertilized ovum plants itself anywhere, but not in the uterus. Bleeding can also indicate placental abruption or miscarriage.

Severe Vomiting and Nausea

Having nausea during pregnancy is a common and an ordinary thing. However, when it gets serious, one should be concerned. Apparently, if an expecting mother cannot eat or drink anything, she is running the risk of getting dehydrated, which is very dangerous to the life of the unborn. Whenever a mother notices that she is experiencing severe nausea, she should alert her physician as soon as it is practically possible. The doctor many ask her to change her diet or prescribe a particular medication.

Very Low Level of the Baby’s Activity Level

If the baby’s activity level has dropped, the mother needs to be concerned, though that condition is not necessarily an indication of danger. According to Bernstein, the mother can drink or eat something cold and lie on her side and watch out if that gets the baby moving. As a general rule, the mother should count the child’s kicks, which should be at least ten within two hours.

Bleeding during pregnancy, in most cases, is an indication of danger. But vomiting and reduced level of the baby’s activity can also be a bad sign. A mother should always be watchful and contact her doctor if she notices any of these pregnancy complications.
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