Best Film Ever- Ranked by Fans

Movies have been ranked and best ever film lists have been written. Some of these lists are based on specific genres of movies. While there is no wrong best ever film list, most these rankings are made by people who prefer different things. What one reviewer considers excellent may not be similar to another perosn’s taste. As such, ensure that you settle for what appeals to you most.

Even with the diversity in choices, I still believe that some films stand out despite the passage of time. The following is a list of movies I consider the best. Some of them are really old movies but no amount of time can make them any less classic.

Schindler’s List.

This is a 1993 film directed by Steven. This narration of the Nazi regime is different from the numerous works that have been done on the same subject. I believe that this is one movie that is able to leave the audience with a sense of wonder and yet still, it expresses some level of maturity that not many films can.

The Great Beauty

This 2013 film by the Italian director Paolo became a gossip topic when it was released. The movie goes a long way in proving that the country has not lost its former glory in the film industry. This depiction of a modern day Rome was excellently executed making it a must watch for anyone that appreciates fine acting.

Paris, Texas

This may be an old production since it is from 1984, watching this film will make you change your perspective on how to tell a story. A simple story that is executed with such profound grace is able to bring even the strongest person to tears. The choice of music and monologue in this film makes it stand out. It is easy to tell that the director of this movie is well experienced.

While there are many more movies out there, these three could not miss on my best film ever rank.
[Photo: flickr.com]