Several reasons why David Beckham is the most famous player ever from the Premier League

Football players who play in the Premier League are some of the most famous celebrities on the Planet thanks to their skills and to their many deals with massive brands. However, there is no football player who has played in the Premier League who has achieved the same level of success David Beckham has.

Apart from having been a great footballer, there are several other reasons why David Beckham is, and most probably will always be, the most famous Premier League player in history. Here’s some of them:

1. His good looks: Have you ever seen a footballer do as many photoshoots as David Beckham? No, and that is because he is the most amazing looking Premier League player in history. He has appeared on billboards all over the world and he has millions of female and gay fans who adore him.

2. His marriage to Victoria: Many people forget the fact David wasn’t that famous until he met Victoria, his wife, also known as Posh Spice from the biggest girl band in history, the Spice Girls, who were a global phenomenon. When the couple tied the knot the 4th of July 1999, they became one of the most famous and powerful celebrity couples the world has ever seen and their fame doesn’t seem to be going anywhere yet.

3. His many different hair styles: If you type ‘David Beckham hair styles’ in Google, you might be able to go through pages and pages of pictures without coming across the same hair style once. Years ago, when he was at his peak, he would sport a different hair style week in week out, and each one of them was as talked about as the other. Impressive.

4. His many important deals: David Beckham has sold us everything from soda drinks such as Pepsi, to clothes through H&M and underwear thanks to Armani. No other footballer from the Premier League has appeared in as many TV commercials as David Beckham, as that is another one of the many reasons why he is the most popular of them all.