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Blackberry defends itself for giving access to phone messages to the Canadian police

Remember Blackberry? You most probably do since it was one of the most popular brands for smartphones in the late 00s and early 10s. It started off strong being the biggest rival to Apple’s hugely popular iPhone which, still to this day, is the most successful smartphone in the market.

Sadly for Blackberry, things didn’t work out as well for them since, over the years, the company has gone from being one of the best and most successful ones to losing millions of clients every single year.

However, what has made Blackberry world news again is not their successes or flops but something way more serious. As serious as the Canadian police.

What exactly has happened you might be wondering? Well, apparently, Blackberry helped the Canadian police by giving them access to private messages by some of their users thanks to a key that decrypts, or unscrambles, communications sent between Blackberry phones.

Despite complaints by Blackberry users who didn’t like the idea of this, the Canadian police has been able to dismantle a major criminal organization thanks to the smartphone brand giving them access to these messages.

Not much has been reported about the criminal organization, but thousands of Blackberry users have taken to social media networks to express their fears about the police still having access to private messages.

Although everyone wants their private matters to stay private, especially when it comes to the messages they send to other people through their phones, it must be said that what Blackberry did was not only courageous but also very helpful since thanks to them they were able to help the police stop some criminals.

Apple, who doesn’t waste the chance to promote itself, has decided to express how against this fact they are by saying that creating universal workarounds to phones’ encryption is very risky because they might make phones more vulnerable to hackers.
[photo: www.flickr.com]