MotoGP Qatar, The Battle to Lead

MotoGP Qatar, The Battle

If the excitement before the event is anything to go by then it is true that this was going to be a battle to write home about. Experts expected to see stiff competition from all the participants. One interesting contestant to watch out for was Scott Redding whose strong pre-season sign off with the second fastest lap time was sure to win him a spot in the competition. He was hoping to take part in this life-changing tournament which would transform the direction which his career would take.

The English man believed that he was probably not going to lead as the more experienced riders already made the cut. Even so, this was not a problem since he was satisfied with the chance to participate. In fact, he was interested in knowing who would take the lead. He understood how dangerous this race would be being a new try out. There was no telling how the tires would behave. He believed that the race was unexpected. It was not easy to tell if the other guys needed someone to set the pace or if they wanted to get out and go. Either way, he was ready for whatever option that came.

Redding believed that the technical changes would definitely change the outcome of the race. Chances are that most riders will engage in overtaking and make serious mistakes while at it. This conclusion is one he could make because of what he learned during testing. The front tire is not as strong as the bridge stone. This gives you the opportunity to load the bridge stone as much as you want. It is advisable therefore to exercise extra caution when dealing with Michelin tires. He made a few mistakes overtaking during the trials which caused him to go wide.

He anticipates that some riders are probably going to make the same mistake during the race. He would not make the mistake because he had an idea of what is likely to happen which gives him an edge over the others. Furthermore, he learned to overtake others while maintaining a straight line. According to the previous year’s findings, to win entailed more than a forward plunge. Chances are that Redding is likely to make it huge if he remains consistent during the MotoGP in Qatar event and as such build a name for himself.