Some of the many reasons why The Simpsons are still popular after almost three decades

reasons why The Simpsons are popular

Whether you are 15 or 55, you must have watched The Simpsons at least once in your life and there is a big chance you loved it. One of the craziest, most charming families on TV has been going strong for almost three decades now and it looks like this phenomenon isn’t going anywhere just yet.

But why are The Simpsons so popular still? Well, one of the reasons is because they are never off the TV. You will be able to catch either old or new episodes of The Simpsons in most countries in the world on a daily basis, which means that people of all ages are well aware about it.

Another reason why The Simpsons have always been successful is because many people can relate to the characters. There is Homer who is silly beyond belief yet extremely charming. Marge who is responsible but likes to do crazy things from time to time despite being a serious mum. Then there is Lisa who is the intelligent child who loves school and Bart who is the cheeky one who loves to get in trouble. Oh, yes, there is also Maggie, but we haven’t heard her talking yet. Not much anyway.

But the best thing about The Simpsons is that every single character, even the ones which make an appearance only every once in a while, have a very prominent personality. A fan favorite is Ralph, the cute kid who isn’t very smart and who has provided us with some of the funniest moments of the show. Then there are Marge’s sisters who hate Homer as much as they love smoking or Moe, the sad bar owner who is lonely beyond belief and who would love to call Marge his wife.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a teenager or in your 50s, The Simpsons is the typical show you can enjoy whatever your age and where you come from. And that proves that it’s a great show, the fact it appeals to so many millions of people in the world.

[photo: www.flickr.com]