What entails a global research?

Global research is an internation finding or research geared towards finding a cure for a certain thing or scientific evidence. Many scientists around the world from time to time conduct a research all over the world to either know the globe more and discover other planets like NASA does or know how people in other continent lives. Any research going outside a nation can be termed as a global research as its findings will be useful to their whole world.

There are many global researches that are been carried out. Some of the recongized gloabl research are the AIDS research that is ongoing n many laborities as scientists from many countries are trying to find its cure. There are other too serious international research trying to either find cure for certain chronic illness or for technological advancement. One old research that has kept scientists bust for many years is the cancer remedy research. Though some pain relieve medication have been found the cure is yet to be known.

The superpowers or developed world time from time keeps on carrying out global research as a way of trying to discover how their enemies are armed. This kind of research known as espionage is carried out secretly as it is not permited by international law, but countries keeps on doing it to safeguard their terrirorry and citizens from being abushed unexpectedly.

The importance of these expanded research is that they have availed an opportunity for researchers to discover new ideas and discovery that help simplify life. One such research is the discovery of mobile phone that continues to ease transportation cost. Nowadays, a person can make calls and get firsthand information instead of travelling to get access to that information. Moreover, with improved research whereby electronically powered machines are helping humans to conduct research more harmful diseases mitigated or eradicated altogether.

To enhance, social and racial cohesion, it is the research work done by sociologists and doctors that has helped reduce rivalry among different ethnic group as people have found that they belong to the same family and their blood color is the same whether white or black. The positive role played by global research is commendable.
[photo: www.flickr.com]