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The US Firm Microsoft Software Company Now Global

It is estimated that 90 percent of computers around the world use Microsoft products including the operating system and application programs. This means that Microsoft is a very successful company that has managed to produce quality software technology products that have an appeal across board. Microsoft is an acronym for microcomputer software. This is an apt acronym because the core brands and products of this company are all powerful software products for the personal computer.

It is now possible to find computers operating Microsoft software in countries as diverse as Senegal in West Africa to Chile in South America, El Salvador in Central America, Oman in the Middle East and Belgium in Western Europe. Most computers use Microsoft programs to access the Internet, prepare documents, listen to music or play audio files and so on. There is a lot that anyone can do on Microsoft programs. The company has developed lots of programs that enable users to do all they wish to do such as edit photos, watch videos and so much more.

Microsoft often insists on its customers to buy original software products and to avoid pirated copies. Genuine products will work well and will uplift the company and provide the users with quality experience when using the software. It also provides updates to features and online help is easily within reach. Counterfeits only bring down the industry and customers using forged or counterfeit products do not benefit in anyway as they risk exposure to viruses and heavy fines if they are caught.

Advances in Technology have helped make Microsoft products and brands very popular with users around the world. Their most successful and most popular product has to be Windows operating system which is used on many devices including laptop computers, PC computers, devices, Internet servers and even in doing accounts.


[Photo: www.flickr.com]