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Tech Company Google Is One Of The Largest Technology Companies Globally

Technology Companies Globally

There are many reasons why Google is doing so well. One reason is that the company’s success translated in plenty of cash so the company has a lot of financial resources. These resources have been well used to fund growth, development and expansion. Google is now ranked the largest technology company in the world and also the richest on the stock market.

Google started as a powerful Internet-based search engine. Over the years, as the search engine became popular, it attracted plenty of advertising from websites and from companies. This income grew exponentially and overtook rivals along the way. Soon enough, the company became one of the largest and most respected technology companies in America and around the world.

Some of the products from Google include g-mail, Google maps, the popular Google search engine, the mobile telephony software android and so many others. These have been accepted around the world and are used every single day by hundreds of millions of users. The Internet is very popular in the business world, enabling merchants and their customers to trade in real time and pay using digital forms of payment. This is all thanks to advances in technology and to companies such as Google.

Google has purchased some very powerful technology companies and products. One of these companies is the successful video site and social media platform YouTube. This popular platform is used to share videos and is popular with users all over the globe. Google continues to a play a leading role in the world of blogs and enables interested bloggers to write content for their blogs with ease. With all that this company is concerned with, it is no wonder it keeps advancing from strength to strength. Consumers expect things to only get better with time but then, only time will tell.

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