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The smartphone trends 2016 revealed

smartphone trends 2016

Like every year, smartphone manufacturers are hard at work trying to make their devices better than ever and, in particular, better than those created by their direct competitors. The smartphone business becomes more aggressive every year which is why you can always expect new features and we have a list of the newest smartphone trends 2016 right here:

1. Sizes and resolution: Although Apple started a craze for phablets thanks to their iPhone 6 Plus, most smartphones this year won’t go over the 6 inches. In fact, it is expected that most phablets won’t go over the 5.5 inches which is a comfortable and pretty decent size. Also, expect most phones to get rid of their qHD displays and to be replaced with 720p ones instead.

2. Batteries: As times goes by, people spend more and more time on their phones which means that good batteries are extremely important. That is why smartphone manufacturers are working hard to still produce thin models that will have powerful 4000 to 5000 mAh batteries.

3. Cameras: Whoever wants a smartphone wants it to be as good is possible which is why people pay more attention to the quality of the pictures their smartphones take these days. One of the smartphone trends 2016 will definitely be better cameras which is why every manufacturer will try to improve their camera sensors and therefore the quality of the images. Also, since the selfie mania seems to have only started, we can expect the megapixels of the frontal cameras of most smartphones to increase even further in 2016.

4. 3D Touch: Thanks to Apple and their iPhones, a new craze has arrived to the smartphone world and that is the 3D Touch feature. We are pretty sure that just like Apple and some Chinese smartphone manufacturers, every brand will try and add pressure-sensitive displays to their models to offer clients the possibility to use a 3D Touch option.

Those are among the most important smartphone trends 2016 we will be seeing in the coming months and we can’t deny the fact we are extremely excited to try what no doubt will be some of the best smartphones yet in the market.
[Photo: www.flickr.com]