Top 10 travel destinations for couples

1. Aspen (United States): Apart from spotting many different celebrities there, you and your loved one will love the views you will have of the mountains which is what makes this one of the Top 10 travel destinations for couples.

2. Riviera Maya (Mexico): What can a couple in love enjoy more than beautiful views, incredible beaches and some of the finest cuisine in the world? The Riviera Maya could never disappoint you.

3. Kauai (United States): If there is nothing more romantic to you than the natural splendor of waterfalls, exotic flowers and quiet beaches, Kauai which is located in Hawaii could be one of those places you will never forget.

4. Quebec (Canada): In the old town you will feel transported back in time thanks to the gorgeous architecture and little restaurants which are ideal for a romantic dinner.

5. Venice (Italy): Very few cities have as many reasons to be part of this Top 10 travel destinations for couples as Venice. Just think of the gondolas and the delicious and traditional Italian dishes you will enjoy during your stay.

6. Paris (France): This pick might be predictable, but if you have never been to Paris with your other half before, you will understand why it’s such a romantic city as soon as you land there.

7. Saint Tropez (France): The French are known for being among the most romantic people in the world and you will feel extremely loved up in this coastal city.

8. Florence (Italy): The culture, art and the fine wine you can find in this Italian city will make you fall in love with your partner even more.

9. Marrakesh (Morocco): It might be thanks to the exotic food of the area or the gorgeous candles you can find everywhere, but Marrakesh is definitely one of the Top 10 travel destinations for couples.

10. Prague (Czech Republic): Many loved up couples who go on a trip pick this city because apart from being gorgeous, it has a really romantic feel to it.