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Tablet sales are declining

Tablet sales are declining

If you are in your 30s, you most probably remember the moment everyone starting talking about the Internet exactly 20 years ago. That invention changed the world and, since then, dozens of different gadgets have been released such as tablets which were a massive hit. However, tablet sales are decreasing extremely fast.

Strategy Analytics did a study about the last quarter of 2014 and another one about the same period of 2015 and the data shows that tablet sales are, slowly but surely, on the way down.

Tablet sales went down an impressive 11% in the last three months of 2015 compared to the very same period just one year before. But what exactly is happening? Experts suggest that it’s all Apple’s fault for not doing anything exciting about their iPads which were, as you might remember, the first tablets that became popular just a few years ago.

Although 70 million tablets were shipped to stores in the last quarter of 2015 and a total of 225 million throughout the whole year, the numbers are disappointing according to experts.

However, the very same experts reveal that tablet sales have gone down mostly for Apple models since 2-in-1 one tablets as well as Windows tablets are still selling decent amounts.

Many people believe Apple have been concentrating too much on their latest MacBooks and iPhone models which means they haven’t spent as much time nor have they put as much effort into doing anything exciting for their new iPads, which means people haven’t felt attracted to buying them despite the fact they were and, to some extent, still are the most famous tablets out there.

In fact, the latest invention by Apple regarding tablets was the iPad Pro which was met with very low sales when it was released in September of 2015.

But while Apple’s share in the tablets market fell by the 25%, Windows tablets managed to be shipped an impressive 57% more than last year, meaning tablet sales might be declining only for certain manufacturers who clearly are not coming up with the right ideas to attract and convince clients to buy their new products.
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