Tips to survive long haul flights

There are people who love flying while some others absolutely hate it. However, everyone dislikes long haul flights because they are extremely tiring and keeping yourself entertained can sometimes be hard. However, with the next few tips you will make sure you never hate long haul flights again:

1. If you want to fight jet lag as much as possible, make sure you eat food that is carb-rich during your long haul flights because, the fact they are high in insulin, will make it easier to transition from one sleep and eating schedule to another.

2. Boredom makes many people hungry, but experts recommend not eating large amounts of food during flights because it’s harder to digest while you are in the air.

3. Flying equals being dehydrated which is why, especially during long flights, you should try to drink water throughout, even if you aren’t feeling particularly thirsty.

4. Drinking coffee is a bad idea because not only will it dehydrate you even further, it won’t allow you to fall asleep easily if you decide to.

5. Taking a plane means fashion show time to some people, but the truth is that you should dress as comfortably as possibly before long haul flights, so don’t worry about being seen wearing jeans and a t-shirt whether you are a man or a woman.

6. Speaking of clothes, make sure you bring a jacket with you on board because during long haul flights the temperature on the plane can vary dramatically sometimes.

7. If you want to sleep, bringing a neck pillow is a great idea and will help you feel comfortable which will make falling asleep much easier.

8. Getting up every now and then during long haul flights is a must in order to stretch your whole body.

9. Bring something that could keep you entertained such as a book, magazines, a portable computer or an mp3 player to avoid getting bored during the flight.